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Fire Rated GI Door Frames

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Installation, Service Provider of Fire Rated GI Door Frames, Fire Rated Door Leaves and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Door Frames
Fire Rated GI Door Frames

➧ Constructed from (12 SWG) thick Skin pass galvanized Iron sheet (Conform to IS 277) formed to double rebate profile of size 143mm X 58mm (+/- 0.3mm) with a maximum bending radius of 1.4mm.
➧ The door frames may be built into the brick or block walls using corrugated “TEE” Anchors not welded to the frame (first fix). Frames may also be fixed on plastered openings with the help of Metallic Expansion Shield with counter sunk screw (second fix). Door Frames are supplied to knock-down form with butt joints for bolted assembly at site.

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Fire Rated Door Leaves

Door Leaves

➧ Constructed from (18SWG) thick Skin pass Galvanized Iron sheet( Conform to IS 277) formed to provide a 42/46 mm thick fully flush, double skin door shell with lock seam joints at stile edges. Internal Reinforcements are provided at top, Bottom and Stile Edges for Fire Rating.
➧ The internal construction of the door is a specially designed Mineral Wool / Honey comb kraft paper Insulation with reinforcements at top, bottom and stile surrounds. The internal construction of the door varies with the degree of Fire Rating as tested FOR 120 mnts to 180mnts Fire rated.

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